From the tallest ferris wheel to the deepest waters on earth

Bridon International is the global technology leader in making steel wire ropes for the world’s most challenging applications, and its identity is stamped on the Singapore skyline.  As well as providing the roof support cables for Singapore’s Jalan Besar Stadium, the company is responsible for the cable assemblies and locked-coil ropes of the world’s largest ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer - which reaches 42 stories high and towers above OSEA Conference venue Marina Bay Sands.

However, it is not height that Bridon is coming to OSEA to talk about, but depth – specifically, the incredible depths its state-of-the-art new ropes will help offshore operators reach.

In large part to meet to offshore operators’ need to explore deeper waters in more challenging environments, Bridon International this month launched a £30 million factory to produce multi-strand ropes in gross package weights of up to 650 tonnes - making them by far the largest and most complex in the world.

These ropes, which boast unmatched strength, safety and durability, will help offshore operators deploy weights significantly in excess of 300 tonnes and as great as 600 tonnes at depths of up to 4000 metres. The ropes boast massive breaking loads, optimised bend fatigue performance, effective lubrication, and minimal rotation under load.
Focused as ever on meeting the developing needs of offshore operators, Bridon International is also constructing a multi-million pound Technology Centre at its HQ in Doncaster, UK. This state of the art facility will expand Bridon’s product development capacity and offer customers the chance to work with Bridon to develop and test new equipment to meet their most challenging needs.

Speaking about the OSEA Exhibition, CEO of Bridon International, John Templeman said:

“With the impressive range of Oil and Gas exploration and production innovations, being part of the OSEA is a truly fantastic opportunity for Bridon to interact with major industry players. Furthermore it provides the ideal platform to demonstrate the achievements of our company and the exciting projects on the horizon; from the launch of our state-of-the-art portside facility in the UK to our industry-leading Technology Centre.”