Bridon Superline Nylon OCIMF 2000 successfully complete their second installation

Back in May 2008 Bridon Coatbridge manufactured a "Bridon Superline Nylon OCIMF 2000" for the Shell BC10 Installation - Offshore Brazil. Manufactured with a 72 x 3 strand cores - 274mm dia (34" Circ) - unit weight 35.49kg/m - dry breaking strength of 1415 tonnes this was the largest Superline that Coatbridge have ever made.

The ropes have now successfully completed their second installation.

The free issue reel was the largest reel that Coatbridge have handled measuring 5 metres in diameter and 8 metres traverse - weighing in at over 18 tonnes - making the total packaged weight incl rope/reel/lift beam to an impressive 61 tonnes!!

The manufacture and spooling of the finished ropes was completed within 12 days of receiving the reel. After being shipped to Dusavik, Norway they were finally installed on Subsea 7's new vessel "Seven Seas".

Subsea1 Subsea2 Subsea3 Subsea4

Images are all courtesy of Subsea 7.