Training Courses Thriving For World-Leading Specialist In The Manufacture of Wire Rope

In the hazardous working environments of the oil and gas industry, compromising on safety is never an option. With 35 years industry experience David Hewitt, technical sales manager for Bridon International Ltd, - a world-leading specialist in the manufacture of wire rope - is no stranger to this.

‘In an increasingly competitive world, costs must be continually reduced without compromising safety. It is every employer’s responsibility to protect employees’ health and safety by ensuring that risks in the changing workplace are properly controlled”, says David.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in interest in the various courses we provide, especially that of the crane rope examiners course. Bridon has established a reputation for running quality training which is second to none. Our courses never stand still and are directly relevant to trading conditions today which is apparent in our current course uptake.”

“The contribution of oil and gas production to the UK economy is vast. Interruption of supply, for example through adverse unplanned events such as a serious injury, accident or downtime through faulty/unsafe equipment has a huge financial impact.”

“Our courses provide solutions to the most arduous and technically demanding challenges and are extensively used in construction, mining, oil & gas extraction, telecommunications and other specialised areas of engineering. The rope examiners course is specific to crane ropes, although the techniques of examining a wire rope are applicable to all stranded ropes and therefore other than the discard criteria is generally applicable to all industries.”

Bridon operates nine manufacturing units around the world as well as market focused technical and sales offices. Supporting this structure is a global network of agents and distributors.

Bridon’s industry-standard crane rope examiners 2 day course includes history of wire rope and international standards that apply, rope design and manufacturing, wire rope discard criteria, how and where to examine the rope and how to report the results of the examination. Included is a factory visit and practical look at several rope samples. Successful completion of the course grants the attendee a certificate. The course may also be designed to meet exact requirements and presented as a one day course on company premises.

To enquire about the crane rope examiners two-day course or any other Bridon course contact rec@bridon.com or contact 01302 38 23 52.

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