Bridon brings state-of-the-art factory to Tyneside

28 April 2011 – International wire & rope manufacturer Bridon will be bringing a state-of-the-art factory to Tyneside.

Jon Templeman, the Chief Executive of the Bridon Group, announced the decision alongside Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg this morning, at Bridon’s nearby Willington Quay facility.

The Neptune Energy Park, based on the river Tyne in Newcastle, was chosen as the final location for the plant due to the strong existing skills-base in the area, ongoing lower logistical costs, and a significant grant from the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) in the UK. Subject to standard due diligence conducted by the RGF, the facility is planned to be operational from October 2012

The factory will produce multi-strand ropes that are the largest and most complex in the world, with pieceweights of up to 600 tonnes. The ropes will be used in projects in some of the most difficult environments in the world.

The new facility will enable Bridon to manufacture innovative next generation specialist ropes, to meet increasingly demanding challenges within the energy, mining and industrial sectors. The facility is set to advance the company’s position as a global technology leader.

The new factory will create fifty initial positions. Bridon currently employs 700 people in the UK, and operates four other factories in the North of England - including the 175 employee facility on Willington Quay.

Jonathan Templeman, CEO of the Bridon Group, commented:

“Bridon has a long and distinguished history working in the North East of England, and we are now confirming final arrangements with Newcastle City Council to bring this state-of-art factory to Tyneside. Bridon has been manufacturing ropes in the region for decades, and we are proud of how the area has built its status as a world-leading manufacturing base”.

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, said:

“Bridon is a global technology leader in the manufacturing of steel and wire rope, and this state-of-the-art facility can be a valuable asset in strengthening the local and regional economy.

“Building on the impressive existing skills-base and experience it has built on Tyneside, Bridon was a fantastic candidate for this grant, and pending the completion of the RGF’s due diligence process we’ll be proud to see the facility furthering the region’s reputation as a global manufacturing base.”

For additional information please contact Daniel Dolan at the Bridon Press Office at 0777 137 4925 or on daniel.dolan@withpr.co.uk