World-Leading Wire Rope Specialist Educates Industry Professionals At Prestigious Crane & Lifting Conference

Bridon International Ltd - a world-leading specialist in the manufacture of wire rope – has delivered a key presentation at the 15th North Sea Offshore Cranes & Lifting Conference. The 3 day conference (27 – 29th April), which took place at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland, saw other major industry exhibitors attend including National Oilwell Varco (NOV), Cranemaster, Huisman and Liebherr.

Sara Fletcher, Technical Development Manager of Bridon, delivered a presentation entitled, ‘Through Life Performance of Ropes for Predictable, Reliable Offshore Deployment Activities’. The presentation gave delegates an overview of the practical and theoretical aspects of strain ageing in cold worked high carbon steel and methods to control any impact on wire rope performance.

‘Following industry feedback, this seemed the most appropriate area to cover and of the highest importance and interest to the prospective conference audience”, says Sara. “As the offshore industry continues to explore ever deeper waters, operators working in notoriously harsh and challenging environments look towards manufacturers to develop products which provide durability and live up to expectations. The presentation was designed to enable wire rope users to be fully confident, understand and be informed about rope reliability.”

Sara continues, “The critical aspect for delegates to understand was that ageing is a natural phenomenon which effects all high carbon high tensile cold drawn products. The key thing is to limit the potential for it to occur and protect against the accelerating influences after manufacture.”

“We wanted to inform wire rope users that for a given steel composition the process controls are in place to ensure we minimise the potential for ageing in the finished rope. Bridon has completed a lengthy and detailed investigation into the criteria for optimum wire performance, the strength to fulfil the application but limiting the potential for breaking load loss over time.”

Sara concludes, ”Bridon is dedicated to supporting its customers needs in the more demanding environments the offshore industry requires.”

Session Chairman, Mr Steve Wehrle of Lloyds Register, UK, thanked Sara Fletcher for a thoroughly informative and professional presentation.

Bridon operates eight manufacturing units around the world as well as market focused technical and sales offices. Supporting this structure is a global network of agents and distributors.