Global technology leader in the manufacture of wire and fibre rope solutions

Bridon Neptune Quay

The Neptune facility has a central role in Bridon’s vision for the future, and will serve as a high-tech hub of global technology leadership in the manufacturing of steel wire rope.

The Neptune facility manufactures the largest and most complex multi strand ropes in the world, with pieceweights of up to 600 tonnes. It continues the company’s work to fulfil ever-more demanding rope applications, including combinations of steel and synthetic fibre, and will act as a base for technological innovation in rope manufacturing across the globe.

The facility ships to customers right across Bridon’s international client base, and its ropes are used in some of the most challenging environments in the world. Bridon is rapidly expanding into a range of developing markets, producing pioneering ropes that can withstand the ravages of salt water and temperatures of minus forty degrees centigrade. The Neptune facility strengthens and develops Bridon’s capacity to produce these market-leading products, and bolster Bridon’s position at the forefront of global technology leadership.