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The Bridon Technology Centre (BTC) harnesses the wealth
of knowledge Bridon has acquired serving global industries
for more than a century and combines this with significant
investments in personnel, unique test equipment and
forensic laboratories.
A clear demonstration of Bridon’s commitment to our
customers, the BTC dramatically increases our capability
to fast-track the development of innovative new rope
technologies to meet the ever increasing demands of the
markets we serve.
The BTC will accelerate the development in rope
technology that will increase the safety, performance and
operational life of ropes working in demanding and hostile
environments, typical to our core markets in the Oil and
Gas, Mining, Construction and Fishing sectors.
In addition to delivering the next generation of rope
technologies the BTC also provides a range of unique
equipment for rope testing. BTC has extensive forensic
analysis laboratory facilities and specialist staff capable
of conducting detailed forensic evaluation of new or
retired ropes.
BTC expands our ability to support joint ventures and
collaborate with leading organisations to provide the
products and services that will enable the potentially
possible to become economically attractive.
The Bridon Technology Centre (BTC) is a world leading centre of
excellence for rope technology development, analysis and verification.
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