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Leading Solutions for Permanent Moorings
Bridon continues to deliver market leading steel wire &
synthetic mooring solutions for demanding permanent
mooring applications.
We provide innovation backed by a proven track record and
reference list of over 81 projects successfully completed in
every major oil producing region around the World.
The unique Number 8 machine which has faithfully serviced
this market is receiving a complete overhaul during its
relocation to Bridon Neptune Quay. It will be complemented
with a dedicated extrusion line for over-sheathing and a 12
metre tall tower now enables provision of complete, socketed
mooring assemblies at an easily accessible quayside location
- a truly complete design, supply and installation solution for
permanent mooring applications.
Special project delivery is carefully managed by our Project
Management team with support from Design and Technical
departments readily available to help ensure on time and on
budget delivery.
Bridon Services can extend expert support even further, from
quayside to ocean, by providing offshore certified engineers
to guide installation on-site.
Key Facts
• Extensive Project Reference List spanning 30 years
• Technology led solutions in steel and synthetics
• Solutions for design life of up to 40 years
• In-field support and installation advice
2013 marks 30 years of Bridon’s expertise in the design, development and supply of ropes and rope
systems for permanent moorings. During this period our products have exceeded reliability and long
term performance expectations in many demanding and often harsh offshore environments.
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