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Bridon International prides itself on its leading position in the
wire rope manufacturing sector, providing industry with some of
the most durable and pioneering technologies available. As a
company, we are constantly looking to challenge the
boundaries of innovation, not only to exceed customer
expectations but also to develop our business into wider
markets and geographies. I am very confident about Bridon’s
continuing development and future progression because of the
strength of the Bridon brand and the skills and commitment of
our employees.
Jonathan Templeman
CEO of the Bridon Group
A state-of-the-art facility
that will manufacture the
largest and most complex
ropes in the world.
Bridon Neptune Quay is the world’s most advanced rope
making facility. This state-of-the-art factory is set to produce the
largest and most complex ropes ever made, in package
weights of up to 650 tonnes.
Bridon Neptune Quay’s world-leading equipment will allow it to
manufacture the most complex multi-strand constructions ever
produced in such large weights; boasting massive breaking
loads, optimised bend fatigue performance, effective
lubrication, and minimal rotation under load.
This £30 million facility represents a major investment in
innovative manufacturing, reflecting the focus on global
technology leadership that sits at the heart of Bridon’s
long-term strategy.
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