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Welcome to Bridon Neptune Quay
Product Focus
Bridon Neptune Quay is a manufacturing centre of
excellence for:
• Large, complex offshore lifting ropes
• Anchor lines
• Deep water mooring ropes
Increased Capacity and Capability
Bridon Neptune Quay increases manufacturing capacity by
9,000 tonnes per annum and enhances manufacturing
capability by enabling rope package weights of up to 650
tonnes to be produced.
In addition to the significant investment in Neptune Quay,
Bridon has also increased wire drawing capacity and is
currently building the Bridon Technology Centre to develop
the next generation of rope solutions.
Alongside these major capital investments Bridon continues
to invest in our most important asset, our employees. It is from
the foundation of their combined knowledge that Bridon has
built its reputation and that is why we have further enhanced
our capabilities via recruitment of specialist skills and by
providing an environment that fosters continual development.
This winning combination of knowledge, expertise and unique
manufacturing capability will strengthen our commitment to
bedrock quality, innovation and customer value.
Bridon Neptune Quay's additional capacity and capability
allow us to reduce product lead times, produce larger
piece weights and offer efficient global logistics from our
quayside location.
Product Innovation
Innovation at Bridon Neptune Quay will focus on developing
the next generation of low rotation, complex, multi-strand
ropes for demanding applications in hostile environments.
Key Statistics
• 9,000 tonne per annum capacity
• 7,200m
work area
• Rope diameters up to 250mm
• Rope weights up to 600 tonnes
• Direct loading - factory to quayside
Welcome to Bridon Neptune Quay, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility designed to produce the
largest and most complex ropes in the world. Strategically positioned at a prime quayside location on
the River Tyne, Neptune Quay significantly enhances Bridon’s ability to satisfy demands for larger,
longer and stronger ropes from key global market sectors such as Oil & Gas.
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