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Bridon’s Proud Manufacturing Heritage on Tyneside
In 1843, Robert Hood Haggie (far left image) acquired and
developed the business, expanding the site to 5 acres
(20,200 m
At this time, only natural fibre ropes were manufactured;
however, as the mining industry in the North East of England
flourished, the demand for longer lasting, stronger ropes
increased. So in 1885, wire rope production began at
Willington Quay (centre image).
In 1959 Hood Haggie joined the British Ropes Group, which
re-branded to Bridon in 1989.
Today, Bridon Willington Quay has an output of around
26,500 tonnes per annum and employs 184 staff.
The new Bridon Neptune Quay factory continues our proud
association with Tyneside, bringing a further 9000 tonnes of
increased rope manufacturing capacity and over 50 new
highly skilled jobs to the region.
Bridon manufacturing time-line on Tyneside
– First natural fibre rope manufactured
– Acquired & expanded by Hood Haggie.
– First wire rope manufactured
– Hood Haggie joined British Ropes
– British Ropes re-branded to Bridon
– Melrose acquire Bridon
– Bridon Neptune Quay investmentannounced
– Bridon Neptune Quay facility opened
Bridon has a proud manufacturing heritage on Tyneside stretching back to the 18th Century when
the first rope factory, making natural fibre ropes for the shipping industry, was founded at
Willington Quay by William Chapman (far right image).
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