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Project Neptune Quay - Bringing Deepwater Reserves Closer
Bridon Neptune Quay represents the pinnacle of a fully
integrated, strategic investment project, that will positively
impact beyond this facility to enhance our already extensive
capacities and capabilities globally.
Project challenges included timely liaison for quayside
remediation, foundation work on a massive scale and a
specialist dual lift to handle the 65 tonne closer capstans,
involving two cranes of 40 tonnes capacity. With support
from the ‘Regional Growth Fund’, advanced equipment
suppliers and other carefully selected service partners,
Bridon’s professional project management team are
successfully delivering the most technologically advanced
rope making facility & service centre in the World.
Key Milestones
March 2011
– Capital expenditure approved and
major machine orders placed.
April 2011
– Lease and quay-side service
contracts agreed
May 2011
– Building development commenced
April 2012
– Machine installation commenced
June 2012
– Formal handover of building to Bridon
October 2012
- Equipment commissioning complete
November 2012
- Opening event
December 2012
– Site fully operational
January 2013
- Start of shipments
May 2013
– Relocation of existing machinery and
new sheathing line
Bridon Neptune Quay provides market leading products that will enable our customers to lift and
lower the increasingly heavy sub-sea processing equipment that is necessary to access many of the
World's unexploited reserves that exist in deepwater economically.
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