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Raw Materials, Handling and Logistics
Incoming Raw Materials
Bridon Neptune Quay will be supplied with high quality wire
feedstock from the upgraded and expanded wire drawing
facilities in Doncaster.
Materials Handling
Bridon Neptune Quay is equipped with excellent facilities for
internal materials handling, including two 150 tonne cranes
allowing a tandem lift of 300 tonnes. The plant also has two
40 tonne cranes and a 10 tonne crane for internal material
and equipment movements.
Bespoke Reels and Packaging Options
Working closely with our supply chain partners, Bridon can
supply custom made reels tailored to individual customer
Upgraded Infrastructure
The infrastructure of Neptune Energy Park and Shepherd’s
Yard facilities provides upgraded road facilities for access to
the site in addition to quayside access.
A Prime Quayside Location
Bridon Neptune Quay, located on the banks of the River
Tyne, provides the deep water access necessary for direct
loading on to customer vessels.
The gigantic take-up-stand capable of lifting 650 tonnes
gross package weights enables Bridon to deliver ropes
direct to the vessel, where our engineers are close at hand to
ensure a quick and efficient installation.
Key Facts
• Direct loading on to ocean going vessels
• 8.5metre draft capacity
• 325 tonne permanent crane capacity
• 2 x 150 tonne cranes = 300 tonne tandem lifting
• Precision engineered handling solutions for 650
tonne gross weights
• Expert installation support
In addition to state-of-the-art manufacturing capability, Bridon Neptune Quay combines efficient
materials handling with excellent transportation logistics.
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