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Bridon Neptune Quay Equipment
Bridon’s fully integrated investment project considered all
material process flows to optimise capacity. Our enhanced
wire drawing facilities in Doncaster and new, high speed
tubular strander at Bridon Neptune Quay ensure consistent
availability of high quality component wire strand for Bridon’s
manufacturing sites in Europe.
Our flagship closing machine, designed exclusively for Bridon
by SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH, is the largest rope
making machine in the world. Offering maximum flexibility in
rope construction and manufacture, the Bridon Neptune Quay
Closer complements our extensive Global Manufacturing
Portfolio and allows Bridon to lead the way in the supply of
specialist rope solutions.
Future Expansion
Neptune Quay manufacturing capacity will be enhanced
further by the relocation of a closing machine from the
Doncaster factory and the installation of polymer extrusion
and sheathing line, providing greater flexibility in
manufacturing and enhanced product properties.
Strander Key Facts
• Rotation speed = 600 rpm max.
• Linear speed = 80 m/min max
• Reel diameter
2.7 metre
• Wire up to
7mm, Core
30 mm
• Strand
45mm max
• 45 bobbins (670 kg)
• Capstan diameter
2 metre, 32 tonne pull
• Supported by 9,000 tonne additional wire drawing
capacity (Doncaster)
Closer Key Facts
• 24 bobbin capacity
• Two independently driven baskets
• Optimised process control
• 600 tonne rope weight capacity (450 tonne core)
• Up to 250mm rope diameter
• Capstan diameter =
5 metre, 110 tonne pull
• In line condition monitoring facilities
Bridon Neptune Quay has state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment able to produce the world’s
largest and most complex ropes for the most demanding applications.
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