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Tower Crane Ropes

  • Endurance Dyform 6

    Endurance Dyform 6

    Exceptional service life

    Robust crush resistant Dyform construction

    Accurate diameter recommended
    for multi-coiling

    Long life, reduced lifetime costs

    Suitable for multi-layer spooling

  • Endurance Dyform 8 PI

    Endurance Dyform 8 PI

    High breaking force

    Excellent service life

    Lower downtime

    Flexible eight strand construction

    High temperature lubricant

    Consistent performance

    Reduced lifetime costs

    Plastic encapsulated core

    Reduced stretch

    Recommended for multi-layer coiling

  • Constructex


    Rotary hammer swaged for maximum resistance to damage

    Exceptional service life in the most demanding applications

    Robust construction

    High breaking force

    Excellent crush resistance