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Viking Braidline Nylon


  • Flexible and easy to handle
  • Balanced construction
  • 50% of mass in sheath and 50% in core

Material: High tenacity Nylon
multifilament fibre

Construction: Braidline

Colour: Natural (white)

Markers: Blue

Relative Density: 1.14

Melting Point: 218˚C

Torque Properties: Torque Balanced

Shrinkage (Cold Water): Up to 10%

Water uptake: Up to 10%

UV resistance: Good

Abrasion Resistance: Good

Viking Braidline Nylon is a balanced, flexible construction which distributes the weight and strength equally between the sheath and the braided core.

Viking Braidline offers a higher elongation than competing constructions and is suitable for many shock load applications.

High performance ropes for critical Oil & Gas applications, Bridon the benchmark for reliability.