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Packaging and Presentation

Packaging and presentation are another reflection of Bridon’s commitment to quality, ensuring that products arrive in pristine condition and can be handled with ease.

Products are packaged for the specific needs of the customer and an unrivalled combination of packaging types have been developed to achieve the aim of total protection during transit.

Bridon share in the concern for preserving the environment. We work in collaboration with packaging suppliers to devise forms of packaging which minimise waste and use bio-degradable materials, wherever practicable.

Every Bridon product is individually labelled to assist in identification and storage. The label, made from special oil, water and tear resistant material contains all the important details of the wire product.

Through the introduction of bar coding, using the international standard Odette 39 system, individual coil references can be read automatically and traced by computerised systems.

Safe Handling & Storage

At Bridon, we care about your health and safety when using our products. We urge customers to observe the following guidelines which are in the interest of everyone who handles wire.

Bridon’s wire products are generally supplied in coils or on reels or spools. There is a certain amount of ‘springiness’ in our products; Therefore, when packs are unfastened reasonable care should be taken to make sure that the leading end does not spring out.

Our products are usually coated for wiredrawing purposes. The coating compounds on the surface of the wire have not been found to have any adverse effect when normal precautions are observed. Product data sheets confirming compliance with COSHH regulations are available on request. In our own processing, wire passes around pulleys and through guides in a similar manner to many forming operations which may be used in subsequent processes. We have checked that air-borne dust generated in our wire processing does not contain toxic substances beyond the prescribed limits. Whilst it is therefore unlikely that there would be any danger from air-borne dust in subsequent operations on the wire, it would be desirable to regularly clean down areas of machinery where dust may accumulate.

On drawn carbon steel wire, the bonded coating is usually phosphate with a residual covering of borax and wire drawing soap. Where specified, the wire may be covered with a protective oil and the normal precautions in handling the oiled material will apply.

Never carry out operations such as oxyacetylene cutting or other mechanical operations in the vicinity of coils of wire because these introduce the risk of mechanical damage or metallurgical change in the condition of the wire, which could adversely affect its behaviour in subsequent forming operations.

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