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Product Applications

Bridon’s wire products affect our lives in many different ways. Often they are not visible in the day to day environment, but the roles they perform can be vital to our safety in applications such as automotive braking systems.

High Carbon Steel Wires for:

• Mechanical springs
• High performance springs
• Hose reinforcement
• Bedding and seating
• Woven wire screens
• Rope and cable applications
• Telecommunications systems

Cold drawn mechanical spring wire is available in a wide range of diameters and tensile strengths to meet the requirements of most international specifications, supplied in the phosphate coated or drawn galvanised conditions.

Hose and ducting reinforcement wire is available in the bonderised, phosphated or galvanised condition to meet product specifications or individual requirements. Where fabric to wire adhesion is necessary, a technically advanced manufacturing process ensures optimum wire surface bonding.

Wire for rope and cable applications is available in a wide range of diameters, tensile strengths and packages to suit specific stranding needs. Bridon has many years of experience supplying wires where the need for strength, performance and durability are vital in safety-critical environments such as cranes, elevators, shipping, construction and automotive controls.

For the toughest environments and applications, Bridon can provide final hot dipped galvanised wire which has the added protection of a heavier zinc coat.

Wires for telecommunications satisfy the most exacting standards. The strengths of Bridon’s technical expertise and the scope of Bridon’s quality systems ensure our position as a world leader in strength member wires in submarine fibre optic cables; and a significant supplier of high tensile wires in telecommunications, defence systems and electromechanical cables.

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