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Balance Ropes

Balance Ropes
Ground Mounted Friction Hoist

  • Tiger 34M Class

    Tiger 34M Class

    Good resistance to rotation

    Reduced internal torsional stress

    Improved flexibility

  • Tiger 34M SPI Class

    Tiger 34M SPI Class

    “One pass” eradicates problematic tubing effects and enables an homogeneous manufacturing process

    Increased longevity high protection against internal and external corrosion

    Reduced down-time and improved productivity

  • Tiger 24LS

    Tiger 24LS

    Heavy duty services and high safety on drum hoists

    Linear contact between wires in inner and outer strands to reduce internal nicking

    Longer service life, increased cycle count

    Engineered to provide "lowest cost per tonnes hoisted"

    Ensures high service lives on hoists