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Balance Ropes - Ground Mounted Friction Hoist

Tiger 34M SPI Class


  • “One pass” eradicates problematic tubing effects and enables an homogeneous manufacturing process
  • Increased longevity high protection against internal and external corrosion
  • Reduced down-time and improved productivity
  • Plastic sheathing provides a cushion at inter-strand and strand-core contact points resulting in reduced wear between strands
  • Full plastic impregnation reduces internal friction and prevents “dirt” build-up
  • Superior flexibility in rope composition
  • Clean outer surfaces, free of external lubrication make ropes easy to handle and safer to use.

Bridon’s proprietary technology to manufacture our 34M SPI extruded round balance rope in “one pass” eradicating problematic tubing effects , increased longevity with high protection against internal and external corrosion. A superior rope performance, reliability and safety.

High performance Mining ropes from Bridon – a brand proven in the most demanding applications.

  • Power Checked
  • Fatigue Checked
  • Twist Checked