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Shovel Hoist

Shovel Hoist
Shovel Hoist Ropes

  • Dyform Bristar Tiger Blue

    Dyform Bristar
    Tiger Blue

    Revolutionary core design

    Increases performance over competing ropes

    Unbeatable annual savings

    Cutting edge continuous improvement

  • Tiger Duracore

    Tiger Duracore

    Outperforms any rope in cost per ton

    Up to 20% longer rope life

    Made to enhance performance and life in medium-sized shovels

    Engineered with unique formula of polymers and elastomers - resilient in extreme temperatures

    Designed to inhibit abrasion and bending fatigue

    Tested in extreme conditions

  • Tiger Blue 8

    Tiger Blue 8

    Reduces wire-contact stress

    Stays lubricated longer

    Innovative construction for less stress and longer life

    Reduces internal corrosion

  • Zebra


    Premier product for service life

    Strand and wire visibility

    Hourglass plastic shapes support strand, taking wear away from the core

    Plastic shapes minimize vibration, increasing core life

    Robust, crush-resistant Dyform construction