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Bridon exhibits latest technological innovations

This year at AIMEX 2013, Bridon International exhibited its latest technological innovations in dragline and hoist ropes including the Bridon Big T Bristar dragline rope, the Tiger 24 LS for underground shaft hoist applications, and the company’s shovel rope products; the Zebra, DuraCore and Tiger Blue ranges.   

Following Bridon’s recent launches of the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility; Bridon Neptune Quay, and the world-leading Bridon Technology Centre, the products that Bridon exhibited at AIMEX 2013 helped to demonstrate the company’s position as global technology leader in the manufacture of rope solutions.

Bridon’s recently unveiled dragline rope, the Big T Bristar, has been engineered to withstand the most challenging of dragline applications in open-pit mining and deliver dramatic improvements in productivity for end-users. The Big T Bristar benefits from a unique fluted shape plastic encapsulated core, high breaking load due to Dyformed outer strands, elimination of grit and dirt, reduced internal friction and increased bend fatigue. This delivers operators excellent resistant to wear and exceptional service life.

Bridon’s Tiger 24 LS hoist rope has been developed to deliver the lowest possible cost per tonne hoisted.  The linear contact between wires in the rope’s inner and outer strands reduces internal nicking and minimises torque values, delivering high flexibility, reduced internal fretting and superior cycle count.