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Exploration Drilling Rigs
Drilling Lines

  • Dyform Bristar

    Dyform Bristar

    Superior abrasion & wear resistance

    Crush resistant

    Corrosion protected IWRC

    Increased bend fatigue

    Improved torsional stability

    Enhanced strength to diameter ratio

    Improved diameter tolerance

    Up to 60% more service life*

    *Bristar® Ton Mile Performance vs. API standard Drill Line

  • Steel Core Class 6x19

    Steel Core Class 6x19

    High quality six strand crane rope

    Excellent resistance to wear

    Fully lubricated

    Corrosion resistant

    Good ton-mile performance

  • Constructex


    Increased strength to diameter ratio

    Superior abrasion & wear resistance

    Exceptional spooling

    Improved diameter tolerance

    Robust and crush resistant

    Enhanced service life*

    *Constructex Drilling Line® vs. API Std Drilling line