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Offshore Exploration Drilling Rigs
Marine Riser Tensioner Lines

  • Steel core Class 6x36

    Steel core Class 6x36

    incl. 6x31WS, 6x36WS, 6x41WS, 6x46WS, 6x49WS

    High quality six strand flexible

    Good bend fatigue performance

    Fully lubricated

    Corrosion resistant

    Consistent performance

    Premium quality

  • Dyform Bristar 6x37 Class

    Dyform Bristar 6x37 Class

    Superior abrasion & wear resistance

    Crush resistant

    Corrosion protected IWRC

    Even load distribution

    Reduced internal friction

    Accurate diameter tolerance

    Increased bend fatigue

    Improved torsional stability

    Enhanced strength to diameter ratio