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Global technology leader in the manufacture of wire and fibre rope solutions

SPM Flotation Equipment

  • Rope and Hose Floats

    Rope and Hose Floats

    Bridon Lace On floats are manufactured using heavy duty polyamide fabric with expanded polyethylene closed cell foam strips. Bridon Tubular Rope floats are manufactured from closed cell polyethylene foam, encapsulated within a tough polyurethane elastomer skin.

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  • Cylindrical, Spherical and Chain Through Buoys

    Chain Through, Cylindrical
    and Spherical Buoys

    Bridon Chain Through Buoys are widely used in SPM systems
    for greater security and to reduce tangling. Bridon Cylindrical
    and Spherical Buoys are used extensively for mooring, marker
    and pick-up applications.

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