Global technology leader in the manufacture of wire and fibre rope solutions

Our Values

What are Bridon ‘Values’?

Values are guiding principles that aim to create shared meaning among our employees about what Bridon as an organisation stands for. They help to develop the kind of culture that is needed to drive our business forward and achieve our strategy.

How were the Values developed?

Bridon’s values have been developed through ‘road-shows’ with a cross-section of our employees across sites around the world.

What are the Bridon Behaviours?

Behaviour is simply how we do things each and every day, for example when someone sees something going wrong they can either step in and take corrective action or ignore it and leave it to somebody else.

The six Bridon Behaviours focus our attention on what the critical behaviours need to be.

This booklet sets out what we need to do each and every day to live the Bridon values and achieve our vision of becoming Global Technology Leaders.

We know that making a change to our behaviours doesn’t happen by accident. It starts with us taking personal responsibility and making a conscious choice about the way we do things and the impact we have on others. Each and every one of us is accountable for the way we behave.