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Analytical and Technical Services

Bridon Analytical and Technical Services provide access to one of the most comprehensive laboratory test facilities for wire and fibre rope and their components, in the world. Continued investment in infrastructure, the latest equipment and on-going development of personnel ensures that our customers and partners receive technical support of the highest standard.

Our specialist metallurgical and chemical analysis of metals using atomic absorption emission and transmission electron spectroscopy can identify the precise concentration of trace elements, impurities and the microstructure of samples. We can help you use this information in conjunction with our extensive knowledge of rope applications to determine the optimum mechanical properties and select the best solution for a specific application.

Bridon Services offer:

• Specialist metallurgical & chemical analysis
• Rope Destruction Testing
• Mechanical testing

Bridon’s purpose built test rigs enable a wide range of standardised and some unique tests to be conducted that can accurately characterise the mechanical properties of wire and wire rope. Our wide portfolio of mechanical testing includes:

• Breaking load
• Tensile compression
• Tension & bend fatigue

Test results can help identify extension and diameter loss characteristics and provide insight into the number of broken wires expected or encountered during the lifetime of a rope.

Bridon Analytical and Technical Services can also conduct a detailed examination of wire rope to discover the cause of rope failure and early discard. Subsequent analysis of this data can then be used and to produce recommendations to help prevent future occurrences.

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