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Non-Destructive Testing & Rope Examination Services

The primary cause of wire rope failure is internal degradation due to corrosion and fatigue. This is an extremely serious condition which can remain undetected by visual inspection.

In support of visual inspection techniques, Bridon offers customers a comprehensive non-destructive testing or examination service. The procedure for non-destructive testing (NDT) or non-destructive examination (NDE) is both simple and effective. Wire rope is drawn through a NDT detector or head which produces a powerful magnetic flux, sensors then measure and record the induction and the Hall Effect within the rope.

Bridon’s experienced technicians can interpret the data collected from this process to identify defects such as broken wires on the surface and within the rope, loss of metallic cross-sectional area and distortions. This is particularly effective if the position of defects can be accurately compared with earlier NDT traces to pinpoint any rope deterioration in the intervening period.

Bridon On-Site Services can provide a complete package including initial NDT rope trace to give you a vital datum point for the lifespan of your rope.

Bridon’s examination and testing programmes have increased the safety and reduced cost for a variety of high profile rope systems worldwide and we continue to work hard to maintain this enviable reputation.

Non-destructive testing of wire rope by Bridon is a safeguard no rope user can afford to ignore.

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