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Rope Inspection & Statutory Examination Services

Bridon Service Technicians and Engineers are experts in wire and fibre rope and have an in-depth understanding in all aspects of rope management including Statutory Rope Examination and Inspection.

Bridon On-Site Services provides a comprehensive range of inspection services to help clients maintain compliance with statutory obligations, maximise safety and rope service life.

We can undertake a thorough inspection of plant and rope systems as part of a complete inspection package to maximise the uptime of your equipment and investigate and correct specific issues related to recurrent problems.

Our highly trained technicians, many with extensive offshore and underground experience, can efficiently carry out lifting equipment inspections and stringent testing as well as manage the administration of rope records for single or multiple global installations.

Bridon technicians have helped numerous customers implement and manage comprehensive rope inspection programs. The reason for this is simple economics, the relatively low cost of highlighting potential problems before they have a detrimental effect on performance or safety avoids the relatively high cost associated with downtime.

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